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Guidance Cards


Guidance decks are an excellent way to hear your inner voice more clearly.  They are a wonderful tool for insight, inspiration, and healing.



Numerology is a wonderful way to connect with yourself on a deeper level, understand where you are in life, and to make positive, life-affirming changes.


 Blissful Knowing


  • Personalized Numerology Readings
  • Personal Year Forecast Readings
  • House Vibration Adjustment Charts
  • Intuitive Guidance Readings
  • Intuitive Guidance Decks
  • Tools for Healing/Self-encouragement
  • Tools for Manifestation & Abundance
  • "I Am" Empowering Affirmation Art
  • Inspirational Children's Books

Gifts & Tools


The Blissful Knowing gift shop has a wonderful selection of items for inspiration, manifestation, and a blissful existence.



The Blissful Knowing is a state-of-being that results from seven different aspects of inner knowledge--all represented in The Blissful Knowing logo.